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Hands off Hanwell - Vistry!

Hanwell is no stranger to the large-scale housing developments that now surround the historic ironstone village to the south. But this time it's different. 

There is now a real possibility that Hanwell could be swallowed by housing developments, becoming a suburb of Banbury and losing its rural village identity if developers and landowners get their way.

In August Vistry Homes submitted a screening opinion application to Cherwell District Council to build 170 houses on the fields between Hanwell and Banbury. The Council responded with a request that the developer completes an Environmental Impact Assessment, which is currently being carried out on fields in question. 

Residents have formed a new community action group called ‘Keep Hanwell Village Rural’. The group is made up of residents in Hanwell and in neighbouring villages. 

Keep Hanwell village rural Banbury.jpeg

October 2022.  Residents gather to protect their village's identity and farmed landscape.


Here's what could happen to Hanwell

How to help

Alert & Ready

Developers like to sneak in planning applications to the Council and before we know it another housing development has been built on agricultural land. Stay alert and be informed by joining the campaign!

Follow & Share

Make sure you are following 'Keep Hanwell Village Rural' On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and importantly SHARE every post!

Write & Object

If you're signed up to our mailing list and WhatsApp group we will alert you when and how you can write to the Council and our MP to object!

Fundraise & Give

Please help to fundraise by organising events. Every penny donated to the campaign will be spent on expert advice to Keep Hanwell Village Rural and fight the developers!

Please Donate

Donate Now

Every penny you donate helps Hanwell to protect it's village identity and rural setting

Your donation will be made via the
Hanwell Village Hall's bank account 


So far raised...


Give our tree it's leaves


Keep Hanwell Village Rural in the News

Action Group Committee Members

Keep Hanwell village rural.png

Keep Hanwell Village Rural Action Group

Chris Brant, 07828580040
Vice Chair:  Derek Adams
Treasurer: Tom Sadler
Secretary: Hazel Skiwirzynska

Action Group Committee Members:
Alan Thomson
Alex Adams
Cliff Aitken
Kenton Bromby
Seaton Price
Hannah Price
Gail Collingwood Turner

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